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Counseling Staff

Mrs. Shelley Curtis


Mrs. Shelley Curtis- Counselor (8th gr. & 7th gr. last names A-K)

Mrs. Curtis is from Salina, Kansas. Her degree is from Kansas State University in Family Studies, Human Services, and Community Service with a Masters in Educational Counseling. She has been working in the public school system for 20 years, all of those years have been at LMS.

Mrs. Curtis states she began working with students because, "I love middle school students! They are in the "sweet spot" of becoming autonomous but also still needing adult support. Seeing students overcome obstacles and become young adults is such a rewarding experience. They change so much between 6-8 grades. It is fun to watch and be a part of it."

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, listening to music, and watching sports. Her favorite thing to do is watch her son play golf and daughter perform music or on the theatre stage. Her fun fact is she moved 5 times by the time she was 10. Her dad was a manager at a grocery store so they would move when he was going to open a new store.

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Mr. Doug Clark


Mr. Doug Clark- Counselor (6th gr. and 7th gr. last names L-Z)

Mr. Clark is originally from Cheney, Washington. He received his counseling degree from Northwest Missouri State University. He has been working in the public school system for 19 years, all of those years have been at LMS. Mr. Clark began working with students because he wanted to create a safe environment where students can identify and overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives.

In his spare time Mr. Clark enjoys outside activities and baseball.


Mrs. Rachel Cason-School Psychologist

Mrs. Cason is from Minnesota. Her degree is in school psychology from Graceland University and the University of Kansas. She began her career in education over 12 years ago and has been at LMS for over 4 years.

Mrs. Cason states, I enjoy recognizing students as distinct individuals and take pride in offering guidance that empowers them to harness their strengths and discover ways to access assistance when necessary, equipping them with the tools they need for lifelong success.

Her goal is to visit all 50 states and has approximately 10 left before meeting that goal. In her spare time she enjoys nature and projects around her house.


Ms. Becca Higgins - Social Worker

Ms. Higgins is the school social worker at Liberty Middle School. She is from Liberty, Missouri. This is her 4th year at LMS. She has a BA in Psychology and Sociology and a Master's in Social Work.

She states, I got into school social work because I value public education and it seemed like a great way to help kids and families. I love building relationships with our students and meeting all sorts of different personalities. I also love building relationships with staff and working together to help support kids as a team!

Ms. Higgins recently had an amazing experience taking a hot air balloon ride. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, playing board games, and hanging out with her dogs and partner.


Mrs. Connie Fogg - Registrar